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Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national initiative which seeks to grow and strengthen the regions of Australia. Comprising 55 Committees, the RDA network covers metropolitan, rural and remote regions across the country. RDA Committees are strong advocates for their region and drivers of change and, as such, have a pivotal role in fostering regional economic development.

The RDA network strengthens partnership across all three tiers of government, regional business and the wider community to boost the economic capability and performance of regions. RDA Committees should be active in promoting Australian Government programs and shepherding communities towards appropriate funding sources that will assist projects that work towards economic development.

The Australian Government’s approach to regional development is built on the understanding that stronger regions make for a stronger nation. The Government understands that Australia’s regions are vital to our national economy as drivers of key industries which generate the bulk of our export earnings.
Expertise from local governments, RDA Committees, businesses and community groups helps to ensure that government actions align with the needs of local communities.

Importantly, the Australian Government understands the power of partnerships. No one level of government alone can effectively respond to regional priorities and needs. Partnerships are integral to making the most of a region’s strengths. They ensure that regional development efforts are coordinated, complementary and aligned to the needs of local communities.

RDA Committees use a regional economic development framework to promote long-term regional economic growth and provide a practical focus for strengthening Australia’s regions. They can be grouped into five broad themes:

  • People and skills—human capital, particularly the education and skills required to take advantage of a region’s comparative and competitive advantages;
  • Sustainable regional communities—the combination of policies, and investment in services and social infrastructure that help deliver economically, environmentally and socially sustainable communities and population growth;
  • Connecting to markets—access to international, national and regional markets, whether by road, rail, air, sea and the internet;
  • Comparative advantage and business competitiveness—helping regions to make the most of their strengths or comparative advantages, including through economic diversification, to foster their national and international competitiveness; 
  • Partnerships and planning—effective partnerships that span sectors and the three levels of government, including integrated regional planning which aligns the objectives of government, business and the community to coordinate development efforts at different levels.

A focus on these themes is supporting the Government’s regional approach, backed by investments in regional communities and delivered in partnership with other levels of government, RDA Committees and local communities.

RDA Townsville and North West Queensland Committee - Rules


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