Regional Roadmap

Regional Roadmap

The Regional Roadmap, RDA's three year Strategic Plan, has been developed through extensive consultation across the region and describes the region, the vision for the region, the role of RDA, an analysis of the region in accordance with the five key determinants of long-term regional economic growth as set by the Council of Australian Government (COAG), regional priorities, and RDA's activities, initiatives and projects.

The 2015 - 18 Regional Roadmap and Appendix were updated in August 2015. 

RDA's annual Business Plan is guided by the Regional Roadmap priorities.  For an abbreviated version of the Business Plan, click here.

To submit a project to the RDA Committee to seek advocacy support, please review the following Regional Development Australia Business Case requirements checklist document before submitting your request to RDA.  We look forward to hearing about more regional development projects.


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